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Interested in playing in one of our Yugioh events? Make sure you have your COSSY ID#/KCGN ID ready!
New to playing in-store? Here's how to get signed up!
*Please note, due to Data/Privacy law changes, Konami is no longer providing stores with physical Card Game IDs. As such, please ignore the first entry in the link.

Rarity Collection II Release Celebration Tournament - May 26th @ 1:00PM

$5 Locals - Advanced Format
Mondays @ 6:30PM
Thursdays @ 6:30PM
Fridays @ 6:30PM

$5 Locals - Heart of the Underdog Format (More Info...)
Tuesdays @ 6:30PM

$5 Winabox - Advanced Format
Sundays @ 1:00PM

$5 Locals - Time Wizard Format
Sundays @ 5:30PM